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Chios Elegant Architecture Residence

Chios Elegant Architecture Residence

Tailored Made Homes
Air Conditioning
Sea View
Property type: 
Apartment Condo
Property For: 
185 000 €
Number of Units: 
Distance From Town: 
1 Km
Distance from City: 
9 Km
Distance from Beach: 
20 m
Square Meters: 
Year Built: 

Chios Elegant Architecture Residence

Chios is the idyllic Greek island to choose as your second home or year-round stay. Home of the worlds most famous wealthy shipping families, 55,000 inhabitants, 64 traditional villages, the town of Chios is very active with cafes, restaurants, shopping streets, And the port of Chios is active famous cruise ships arrivals coming and going visiting the famous Nea Moni monastery and castle village of Aygonima, fortress Pyrgi and the village of Mesta.

People in Chios have plenty of time, they smile, they are open and hospitable and they really know how to enjoy life. Here stress and time squeeze are foreign words. What you can't get today, you can do tomorrow. You will not spend a lot of time in Chios before this lifestyle starts to affect you. You begin to relax and soon you are ready to enjoy the good life!

Chios has the most sunshine year-round than any other Greek island, 32 degrees summer With mild breezy north winds blowing, and a mild climate in the winter.

Property is also very reasonable in Chios. Based on anticipated developments in the area, housing prices are expecting to increase by 20% year by year this makes investing in a home in Chios a good investment. If you should also choose to let rent out your home, the bottom line will look even better.

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