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Facts And Figures about Chios Greek Island

Facts And Figures about Chios Greek Island

West meets East...
Chios, the Mastic Island, is the 5 biggest island of Greece, located in the north-east Aegean Sea in a very geostrategic position as the island is the very close distance (7 miles ) from Turkey coastline. There are many ways to reach the island as there is an everyday airline connection with Athens (Capital of Greece) and Thessaloniki, the “co-capital”, everyday ferry connection with Turkey port of  (Cecme),

Piraeus, the largest port of Greece and one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea and Lesvos, another big Greek island. Moreover, there is a boat connection with Oinouses, Samos, Mykonos and other Greek islands. Furthermore, there is a weekly airline connection with Rhodos & Crete. Please note that Izmir Airport is 35 minutes crossing by ferry & 50 minutes with a Bus.

Chios with numbers…
Mystic Chios island has 54.930 Population, 64 villages, 30 Monasteries, 91 Wonderful beaches, 1 big state hospital, 1 state health center, 3 private health centers, all kinds of medical specialties and doctors, 37 dentists, 50 pharmacies, 26 Supermarkets, and hundreds of Coffee/Bar shops, restaurants & taverns.

What about Nightlife?
Nightlife is beating at the bustling promenade (prokymaia) harbor and around the shopping street “Aplotaria”. Drink unique cocktails, made of local products like “mastiha & tangerine”, at the fabulous, cozy cocktail bars or have an “ ouzaki” along with local treats at the square of the medieval castle.

Take off your night at one of the lively bars of the Harbor, drink cool shots of Mastiha, and under the Greek beat until the Sun comes up. Live the Greek dream!
Are you hungry?
Chios stands out for its tasteful local dishes based on Mediterranean cuisine. For the healthy lifestyle seekers all over the island, you will find restaurants, taverns and grill houses, all serving high-quality treats that you will definitely have to taste and love without worrying about the spare calories. Chios is one of the islands of the north-east Aegean, very close to Asia Minor and opposite to the Eritrea peninsula, separated from it by the Chios canal. The climate of Chios is typical of the Mediterranean, with usual north or northwest winds and temperatures not exceeding 32 or 36 degrees Celcius. Merchant Marine plays a very important role in the economy of Chios. The main port is one of the cities of Chios, but there are also some of the secondary importance, those of Lagada, Marmaro & Pirgi, Mesta.

One of the most important products of Chios island is mastic, which is uniquely produced on it, it is famous and the world - widely renowned for its aroma and taste. It is uniquely cultivated in Mastihohora and about 120 tons of it are exported to other countries.

  • SIZE: 904 square Km
  • POPULATION: 55.000 people approximately
  • HIGHEST PEAK: Pelinaio Mountain, 1300 m.
  • ELECTRICITY: 220 Volt


The earliest inhabitant and first King according to tradition, was Inopion, the son of Dionysos or Theseus and Ariadne, who came from Crete and taught the locals how to grow vines. The name of Chios comes from Chiona, who was the daughter of Inopion.

According to Ion, however, the name comes from Hios, the son of Neptune, at the birth of whom, too much snow (hioni) fell on the island. According to a third option by the historian Isidore's, the name Chios comes from the Phoenicians and, in the Syrian language, it means "mastic". The island was at times mentioned by other names as well, which were lost in time, such as Pitioussa (because of its pines, as Pitis=Pine), Makris because of its shape (Makri=long) and Aethalea (because of its ancient volcano). The archaeological findings (at Ag. Galas and Emporios) prove that the island has been inhabited since 6.000 B.C.

About the city of Chios, there is some evidence earlier than the first Ionian colonization when the lonians from the mainland inhabited Chios around 1000 B.C. and developed it into one of the greatest cities of ancient times Not only did Chians make a profit by transporting goods from one place to another, but also by trading on their own agricultural and industrial production.

This unique mastic was not the only source of wealth. In the 6th century, Chios was a large city, the population of which is estimated at 60.000-80.000 people,  When Chios became a member of the Athenian Alliance, it was free and self-governed. Until the Peloponnesian War, there was a five-year period of peace and growth.

The destroyed city was rebuilt and the inhabitants progressed in navy, commerce, industry, and the production of wine. Riches accumulated on the island, which resulted in extreme luxury. Characteristics of the standard of life during that period are the phrases "Chian fun" and "Chian life".

Athineos mentions that the Chians were famous for their ingenuity in cookery and the Chian cooks were dearly sought after. Thucydides characterizes the Chians as the "richest among Greeks" and praises the State of their city.

The Peloponnesian war followed, during which the Chians fought at first together with Athenians. After their defeat in Sicilia, however, they defected and declared their support of Sparta.  They lost all their ships, which were now the Spartans.  The financial decline of Greece since the late 7th century and up to the 10th affected Chios as well. After that, things are looking up again.

The final occupation of the island by the Genoans in 1346 started a new era. Since 1566 the new occupants replaced the Genoans.

Chios Island Temperature statistics

16 16 19 28 29 32 37 37 29 24 22 18

For Chios current weather conditions & forecast take a look at AccuWeather

How you can reach Chios Island

Via Piraeus Port with the ferry to Chios https://www.bluestarferries.com/en-gb

Via Athens domestic  Aegean Airlines or Skyexpress

Via Athens  & Thessaloniki to Chios with  Olympic Air, or Skyexpress .https://www.skyexpress.gr/en

Via Izmir Turkey to Cesme Harbour and with the ferry to Chios daily.

To: Mitiline/Lesvos every early morning with  Blue Star ferries. https://www.bluestarferries.com/en-gb

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