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After Sales Care, Maintenance & Related Services

Chios, Aegean Sea View
  • Chios, Aegean Sea View
  • Chios, GR, Kambos of Chios
  • Chios. GR Monolia, Homes
  • Chios, GR Old House
  • Chios, GR
  • Chios, GR, Beach

Your property care keepers, house, propery, management, offering services to the customer.

Manage your flat/property i.e. Chios, pay various bills on your behalf, provide cleaning services, inspect your flat/property while you are away as well as provide maintenance services. Manages the common areas of the Projects, thus maintaining these areas to a high level standard. Piece of mind while you are away.

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  • Planning & Building
  • Property Maintenance
  • Property Handling